At Kliinik 32, it is possible to take 3D x-rays and panoramic x-rays, as well as side views of the skull.
When taking the x-ray images we use a 3D x-ray machine that combines fully digital panoramic views and 3D views based on new generation technology, which is the only one of its kind available in the Baltic States. Whereas ordinary x-rays produce two-dimensional images, the 3D machine creates a three-dimensional image of the head that results in a more accurate view of the different anatomical structures that need to be taken into consideration during treatment procedures.

The broader image field of the 3D x-ray machine means that it can relay the information required for a diagnosis not only to the dentists, but also to face and chin surgeons, plastic surgeons, ENT specialists and all medical specialists that are interested in the x-rayed area and in the processing of this information with the special software for 3D radiologists.


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The team at Kliinik 32 consists of specialist doctors in different areas of dental treatment.

Our doctors actively cooperate with each other to find the best treatment option for all of our patients.

The specialists at Kliinik 32 regularly participate in international training programmes to gather knowledge on the most recent developments in dental care.

Kliinik 32’s vision is to become a dental practice dream team which is famous for solving the toughest patient cases, boosting patients’ self-esteem through effective dental treatment and prolonging healthy life expectancy.

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