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Everyone’s smile is unique, and behind the smile, you will find us: Kliinik 32

Helping you to overcome dental anxiety

There is nothing of special skills in caring about our patients and providing friendly communication as we commit to addressing their problems, but patients’ feedback shows this is also what is remarkable about Kliinik 32.

We often get patients who feat to go to the dentist’s because of highly unpleasant previous experiences. We will talk to you, hear you out and do everything we can to make sure you feel comfortable.

We know that restoring your trust in dentists is a gradual but manageable process.


Dental trauma in children

While an adult’s lost tooth can be replaced with an implant, this procedure cannot be performed on children until they reach adulthood.

Together, the maxillofacial surgeon, orthodontist and prosthetist at Kliinik 32 will find a solution in case a child has lost a permanent incisor as the result of an unfortunate event.

There is an option of replacing it with one of the little patient’s back teeth, align it with the rest and shape it to look like a front tooth. We will find a solution even for the most complicated situation!

State-of-the-art orthodontics

Nearly invisible orthodontic treatment! The latest Invisalign braces will be improving your bite without being overly noticeable.

Specialists at Kliinik 32 were the first to have started offering the option of Invisalign trays in orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

Hambaarst implantaat

Replacing lost teeth

Getting your smile back will change your quality of life, restore confidence, and increase contentment. This is exactly what we see every day in our patients who have received implants in place of missing teeth.

Our clinic is one of the first in Estonia to have started implantation during the same visit as a tooth is removed.

Our oral surgeons boast extensive knowledge and experience of working with various implant systems, and Kliinik 32 is a partner clinic for implant systems Biomet Zimmer and Straumann BLX.

We will make sure to save and preserve your natural teeth

If you choose us, there is a higher probability you will keep your natural teeth because saving the patient’s natural teeth is always our top priority. Our dentists’ skills and knowledge will help save your teeth when others would call the situation hopeless.

  • In the case of chronic gum diseases, the expertise and thorough approach of our periodontists to bringing your condition under control will prevent the loss of healthy teeth.
  • In seemingly hopeless cases of root canal infection, our endodontists equipped with high-tech Zeiss dental microscopes will do their best to save the tooth.
  • In prosthetic dental reconstruction and occlusion correction, we attempt to make all changes by adding material to the patient’s natural teeth as opposed to removing healthy tooth tissue.

Comprehensive treatment plan

We will devise a treatment plan which comprises treatment solutions designed with the participation of specialists in various dentistry fields. Naturally, you will get to take part in creating your perfect smile as well.

In planning smile correction treatment, we use digital and procedural technologies to visualise the potential results of your treatment.

Our specialists’ knowledge and aesthetic perception allow to achieve results that suit the harmony and unique features of your face the best.


We can see the big picture

The prevention of dental issues and timely treatment will help prevent major problems in the future.

We will teach you how to use proper oral hygiene practices, which healthy habits are good for your teeth, and how to ensure that your gums stay healthy.

Photographic analysis plays an important role in our work, helping us to produce a comprehensive overview of the condition of your teeth and mouth. Intraoral photographs are of great help to various dental specialists in treatment planning.

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