Dr. Piret Väli


Dr. Piret Väli

Piret is capable of solving cases involving extensive erosion and dental problems that might seem hopeless. Piret values teamwork and she is particularly proud of directing Kliinik 32 towards an interdisciplinary teamwork approach, and of joining the global Spear Study Club which promotes interdisciplinary dental care for complicated medical cases.


Dentures, restoring teeth, treatments for patients with jaw joint issues


Tartu University Faculty of Medicine, Dental Care


Trainings in the US at the Scottsdale Training Centre;
Member of the International College of Dentists and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Vice President of the Estonian Dental Association, Representative of Estonia in the Council of European Dentists (CED), Vice President of the Council of European Dentists, Head of the E-health Working Group in the Council of European Dentists and a Representative of CED in the E-health Stakeholders Group at the European Commission.


English, Finnish, Russian

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The team at Kliinik 32 consists of specialist doctors in different areas of dental treatment.

Our doctors actively cooperate with each other to find the best treatment option for all of our patients.

The specialists at Kliinik 32 regularly participate in international training programmes to gather knowledge on the most recent developments in dental care.

Kliinik 32’s vision is to become a dental practice dream team which is famous for solving the toughest patient cases, boosting patients’ self-esteem through effective dental treatment and prolonging healthy life expectancy.

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