Gift cards

Gift cards

Dental health is important to everyone. If your family member or a friend has a dental issue, and you would like to give them the gift of a consultation or treatment with one of our doctors, you can surprise them with a Kliinik 32 gift card.

You can choose the value of the card, and it can be used for all of our services. If the cost of the desired service exceeds the value of the gift card, the patient can cover the remaining part right here at the clinic in cash or by card. The gift card cannot be exchanged for a monetary equivalent.

If you would like to order a gift card, you can contact us by calling +372 6 32 32 32, contacting the Skype username kliinik32  or e-mailing us at to let us know about your requirements. Once our invoice is paid, we will send you the gift card ready for presentation to the desired person at the right time.


Gift cards

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The team at Kliinik 32 consists of specialist doctors in different areas of dental treatment.

Our doctors actively cooperate with each other to find the best treatment option for all of our patients.

The specialists at Kliinik 32 regularly participate in international training programmes to gather knowledge on the most recent developments in dental care.

Kliinik 32’s vision is to become a dental practice dream team which is famous for solving the toughest patient cases, boosting patients’ self-esteem through effective dental treatment and prolonging healthy life expectancy.

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