Dental treatments under anaesthetic

hambaravi narkoosis
hambaravi narkoosis

Dental treatments under anaesthetic

The dental surgery equipment at Kliinik 32 includes an anaesthetic machine with an integrated anaesthetic monitor, which is similar to the devices that are used in larger hospitals for general surgeries. The patient is looked after by an anaesthesiologist and an anaesthetic nurse, and a special waking up room is provided for recovery after the surgery. Dental treatments under anaesthetic are used for surgical applications in more complex situations. They can also be used for patients who suffer from an extreme fear of dental treatment. However, in most cases, we can alleviate this fear and discomfort by using other painless dental care approaches – anaesthetic gel, anaesthetic injections, sedative tablets, sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry means administering drugs to calm the patient and put them in a sleep-like state. The patient becomes emotionally and physically relaxed and sedated. At the same time, the patient is awake enough to talk, move and follow the dentist’s instructions and all vital reflexes are maintained.

Treatments under anaesthetic are provided to patients over 3 years of age.


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hambaravi narkoosis

Dental treatments under anaesthetic

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The team at Kliinik 32 consists of specialist doctors in different areas of dental treatment.

Our doctors actively cooperate with each other to find the best treatment option for all of our patients.

The specialists at Kliinik 32 regularly participate in international training programmes to gather knowledge on the most recent developments in dental care.

Kliinik 32’s vision is to become a dental practice dream team which is famous for solving the toughest patient cases, boosting patients’ self-esteem through effective dental treatment and prolonging healthy life expectancy.

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