Speech therapist services


Speech therapist services

In dentistry, a speech therapist’s skills are a valuable addition to the prosthetic and orthodontic treatment for bite correction and contribute to more lasting treatment results. Andres Köster, the speech therapist at Kliinik 32, is a highly acclaimed specialist in myofunctional therapy and a specialist in Voice Massage Therapy.


Myofunctional therapy

Myofunctional disorders are characterized by the dysfunction of facial and oral muscles or impaired muscular tone. Proper functioning of the tongue and mouth muscles has a significant impact on the formation of bite and fascial bones, dental health, posture, quality of sleep and ability to work. Myofunctional therapy corrects the functioning and movement patterns of tongue and mouth muscles.

The speech therapist works with adults and children to address the following concerns:

  • mouth breathing
  • mixed breathing
  • tongue tie
  • swallowing impairment
  • feeling of a lump in the throat
  • wrong resting position of the tongue
  • wrong swallowing pattern
  • weak muscles in the mouth, tongue, and soft palate
  • pains in jaw joints or in the neck
  • clicking or popping in jaw joints, painful chewing, or asymmetry
  • sleep apnoea
  • bad habits associated with mouth and jaw muscles (such as thumb sucking, teeth clenching and grinding, biting lips or pencils)
  • post-surgical therapy (practicing nose breathing)


Voice Massage Therapy

Voice Massage Therapy was developed in 1984 in Finland as a product of joint effort of otolaryngologists, physiotherapy doctors and singing instructors. Voice Massage Therapy is based on classical massage techniques and the exercises that help to balance and tone the muscles involved in voice and speech production.

Patients of all ages can turn to the speech therapist in case of the following concerns:

  • they run out of air when they speak
  • their voice is tired by the end of the working day
  • decreased voice quality: their voice is hoarse, rasp, its strength and pitch have changed, there are silent segments in their speech


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Speech therapist services

The team at Kliinik 32 consists of specialist doctors in different areas of dental treatment.

Our doctors actively cooperate with each other to find the best treatment option for all of our patients.

The specialists at Kliinik 32 regularly participate in international training programmes to gather knowledge on the most recent developments in dental care.

Kliinik 32’s vision is to become a dental practice dream team which is famous for solving the toughest patient cases, boosting patients’ self-esteem through effective dental treatment and prolonging healthy life expectancy.

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