Can other clinics send their patients to Kliinik 32 for the purpose of taking x-rays?

All Estonian dentists and doctors from other fields of medicine can send their patients to Kliinik 32 to take x-rays. The whole procedure will last 5-10 minutes, depending on the studied area and the required number of images. Taking an x-ray image takes around 30 seconds and developing the spatial image takes two to three minutes. The patient can obtain the x-ray images on an electronic storage device or via e-mail. Our 3D x-ray images come with free software that allows the doctor to view and edit the image.

Are dental x-rays safe?

Dental 3D x-rays work with much lower dosages of radiation than other medical computer tomographs. Protective aprons are used during the process and it is completely safe for the patients.

What does a 3D x-ray image look like?

What does a panoramic x-ray image look like?

What does a side x-ray image look like?

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