How can missing teeth be replaced?

Missing teeth can be replaced by dentures or implants. Dentures enable the correction of defects in the dental crown, and they can replace single missing teeth or an entire row of teeth when needed. Modern denture technology uses a number of different solutions and materials to restore the perfect smile, based on the wishes and opportunities of the patient.

Kliinik 32 has a special dental lab to provide the best possible service. It is equipped with modern technology and staffed with experienced dental technicians. It is extremely important for the dentists to work together with the dental technicians, as close cooperation guarantees the fastest and best treatments for patients. Kliinik 32 values dentures with a natural look.

For surgery and dentures, the doctor will compile a treatment plan that is specific to an individual patient. This plan will outline the required number of implants as well as dentures, as well as a fixed plastic bridge or a metal ceramic bridge. The price will depend on the number of implants and the method of fixation chosen by the patient. The exact cost also depends on the choices and needs of the patient.

What should I keep in mind after installing dentures?

Removable dentures can be uncomfortable to wear at first. Be patient and keep wearing the dentures regardless of the discomfort to adjust to them as quickly as possible. The first two weeks are the most difficult. During this time, only remove the dentures for cleaning and wear the dentures even during the night. Later, the dentures should be removed for sleeping at night.

When they are not being worn, the dentures should be kept in a damp napkin inside a special box. Otherwise the dentures will become dry and fragile. The dentures can also bend so that their fit seems inaccurate.

How are dentures cleaned?

Dentures should be carefully cleaned twice a day. Dentures are cleaned using a toothbrush and a gentle soap, and are rinsed under flowing water. It is not recommended to use toothpaste for cleaning the dentures, as the paste can damage the delicate surface of the dentures. Additionally, you should use specific chemicals for cleaning (soluble tablets) and to disinfect the dentures. Pay special attention to cleaning the supporting clamps. Products for dentures can be purchased from a pharmacy.

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