Invisalign aligners

Invisalign aligners

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How to put the aligners in your mouth and take them out?

You can start with your upper or lower jaw aligner, whichever you happen to take out of the pouch first.  Start with your front teeth, and then put it over your back teeth. When taking the aligner out, first remove it from the lingual surface of a back tooth, just catch the end with one finger, and it will start coming off. Then you can hold this end of the aligner with two fingers and take the aligner out of your mouth.  As you do so, apply slight pressure to the places where attachments are bonded to your teeth so that you slightly press the aligner down and outwards.  

What are Chewies and how to use them?

Chewies speed up the treatment. This is why chewing one for five minutes every day is recommended. You can choose any time you want, but it is best when you will not be taking the aligners out of your mouth for a longer period, for example, before bedtime. Start chewing on a Chewie with your back teeth, applying equal pressure on every tooth and gradually moving towards your front teeth and then to the back teeth on the other side. If you feel a tooth does not precisely fit into the aligner in some place, apply more pressure with a Chewie there.

What are elastics and how to use them?

Elastics are necessary to ensure your treatment brings the desired results faster. These rubber bands are a part of the aligner treatment plan, and you should follow your doctor’s instructions in wearing them. Elastics are considered to be the most effective when worn during the day. 

What do the numbers on the packages with aligners mean?

Each aligner set is placed in its separate pouch. In one pouch, you have the upper aligner and the lower aligner, and there are two numbers on the pouch. The first one is the ordinal number of the aligner set you are currently wearing, and the second one is the total number of aligner sets ordered for you at the moment.

For how long should you wear one aligner set?

There is an Invisalign app where you can set up reminders telling you it is time to change to the next aligner. When it is time to start using a new aligner, it should be replaced in the evening before bedtime. Brush your teeth, put the new aligner set in your mouth and chew on a Chewie for five minutes.

Why should you start using a new set in the evening?

Because the aligner is the most effective when you put in in your mouth, and when you sleep during the night, the aligner will be at its strongest for the entire night. Put the old aligner set in its pouch and keep it just in case: it can be used again if you happen to lose your next set, for instance.

What to do if you cannot find your aligner?

Sometimes the aligners can get lost, and you get a special box where you can put your aligners when you need to take them out of your mouth to prevent such accidents. If your aligner does get lost, start using the next aligner set. Wear it for ten days instead of the normal period of seven days. If you do not have a new set of aligners, use the previous one instead.

How to clean your aligners?

When you brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening, wash your aligners as well, using a separate brush and liquid soap. Do not use toothpaste to clean your aligners: it can discolour them to brown.

How to eat and drink when you wear aligners?

You can eat or drink anything you like during your aligner treatment. Take them out of your mouth before eating or drinking. When the aligners are in place, you can drink water, tea or coffee without milk or sugar.

Why is eating with aligners in your mouth a poor idea?

Because sugars and acids will remain between the aligners and your teeth, causing tooth decay.  After you have eaten, rinse out your mouth, rinse the aligners and put them back in your mouth.

How long should a set of aligners be used?

The first set of aligners needs to be used for two weeks, and each following set, for one week.  In some cases, a set of aligners will be used for a longer period at a time: ten days, two weeks, or three weeks. Make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions. See you in Kliinik 32 on your journey to the perfectly even smile!
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