Club 32

Club 32

Club 32 unites the dentists who are interested in creating interdisciplinary solutions for complicated medical cases.

We handle complicated medical cases on a daily basis. In addition to making the patient happy by searching for a solution, these cases are deeply interesting for the doctors and require extremely specific knowledge. Often, there is more than one suitable solution, but it is important to determine which one is best for this particular patient. Solving a medical case can be a creative and process requiring teamwork, which provides the same kind of satisfaction as successfully solving a complicated case.

Kliinik 32 has an interdisciplinary team that is capable of jointly tackling these types of cases. However, doctors everywhere throughout Estonia are facing the same challenges. Therefore, we have decided to found a club that will bring together all dentists who are interested in solving complicated cases. So far, this cooperation has worked on the basis of personal contacts and interactions, but the club will allow us to expand and open new opportunities for cooperation with a greater number of doctors. This is an opportunity for cooperation beyond the borders of single clinics to help in planning better treatments for patients. All of this can be accomplished by developing cooperation between the dentists, as well as by sharing knowledge and experiences. Together, we can discuss interesting cases, consult with a large number of colleagues, and provide as well as analyse the different options available in an interdisciplinary environment.

Club members meet during monthly discussion sessions. Medical cases are collected using the Dentas dental care software. We also organise joint seminars at least once a year, and daily communication takes place using a mailing list to exchange news about our planned and past events, exchange thoughts about different cases, and to provide references to relevant case studies and scientific studies.

All doctors and specialists who are interested in complicated cases are welcome to join the club. Please send your application to

The application can be downloaded here.

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